Monday, June 15, 2015

Book Review #2

I received this book from Blogging for Books for free to write a review on it.

When I was looking for a book to review, this one caught my eye instantly. I've been on a healthy kick recently and really have been curious as to what is in foods that we eat every day.
I recently gave up drinking my favorite flavored coffee creamer because it had so many ingredients in it that I couldn't pronounce! If it had words that I couldn't understand or pronounce, why was I putting that into my body EVERY. SINLGLE. DAY? And sometimes multiple times a day? Therefore my quest for coffee creamer began. Pinterest became my friend and I book marked tons of recipes on DIY coffee creamer.
None of them worked for me.
So I went to google and to online forums to find a premade, all natural coffee creamer. (Thinking there was no such thing.) Much to my surprise, Coffee Mate makes a brand called "Natural Bliss" and there are three flavors that I can find locally. (apparently there are MORE than three!! Including caramel...I need that in my life. Like right now.)

 They come in the small bottles and are more expensive...but the ingredients. They had me sold. :)
Those are the type of ingredients I can handle with a clear conscience :)
Anyway, back to this book.
It was an interesting read on every day things you eat and drink and use including coffee, deodorant, laundry detergent, cool whip etc.
Each subject has a list of ingredients along with what that actual ingredient is! This book definitely helps enlighten you on what you put in/on/around your body.
While I may not read the backs of every single thing I use or eat, I am making little changes in my daily life slowly.
Definitely check this book out to learn more. :)

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